First attempt at making .gifs

Please excuse the horrendous artistry.

Ew, Adulthood.

Let me show you how to selfie.

Well, hey look! I’ve uploaded a video. This is the second week of my promised weekly Tuesday videos. I talk about being an annoying kid, and having a big ol’ crush on William Moseley.

And also being a unicorn. Because that’s a thing.

Judging you…

Childhood Nostalgia - A Bedtime Story

YouTube Channel: SamanthaFall

Upload Date: February 9, 2013


Hey! Let me read you a bedtime story! 

Book: Come Over To My House by Theo LeSieg (Dr. Seuss)

Younger Samantha Fall - November, 2010.

I had blonde hair once.

Younger Samantha Fall - October, 2009

I had a plaid phase.

Filmed a whole bunch of 3D footage at the cottage this weekend with the GoPros. Converting it now! Yay for lens flares!